Implementation of a CRM application for insurance company’s agent network

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Over the last few years, decades the business decision support systems have been improving faster and faster. In the economy the financial sector is leading in using these technologies. Because of the increasing competition, the usage of modelling procedures based on data mining and an ever deepening knowledge of customer behavior became necessary. Utilizing these models often doesn’t lead to a competitive edge, but rather helps the stakeholders to stay competitive by lowering the capital requirements, improving communication and campaign activities.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a business strategy that allows us to set our customers’ demands in the center of our activities and thus makes us more competitive. The necessary technology for these goals is provided to us by CRM solutions. Company-wide use of CRM technologies extended with the necessary tools makes it possible to improve customer-relationships, reduce costs or even increase competitivness.

During my thesis work my task was to design and implement a CRM system that effectively assists insurance agents. Naturally, this was preceeded by acquiring the necessary knowledge and analysing a few systems that are already present in the market. The basic idea was born to satisfy a specific demand and can later be bought as a part of, or as an optional module of a knowledge portal that is already live at one of our customers' site and was developed some time ago by the team that I’m currently a member of.

In the design phase I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of certain methodologies and UML diagrams. I had used these a couple of times before and they had proven to be valuable during design and development preparations. During the development I acquired some competitive and useful knowledge in JavaEE and AnularJS, both of which are widely used when developing small and large information and business systems. I also learned about the more and more popular Apache Spark that is a memory based data processing and data mining tool widely used by some of the huge corporations of our times such as Amazon, IBM or SAP.


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