Development of a business intelligence service based on BlackBerry push technology

OData support
Dr. Simon Vilmos
Department of Networked Systems and Services

As smartphones are getting more and more widespread, they enable us to get hold of any kind of information regardless of our location. Optimizing resource usage is a common interest for both end users and network operators to provide a fast, efficient and reliable service. We have to take into consideration that accessing data and displaying information are completely different in a mobile environment compared to conventional methods.

In my thesis I provide a general overview of high level design patterns for distributing quickly changing data for mobile devices. I am to specify, design and implement a demo system utilizing services of the BlackBerry Push infrastructure for distributing and presenting near real-time stock trading data. I also implement data distribution based on a general polling model which is independent of the concrete platform.

The aim of my thesis is that by studying the BlackBerry Push technologies I can provide a solid basis for any developer who would like to get familiar with BI systems built upon the push model.


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