Development of a block based open world sandbox game using Unity

OData support
Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

During the creation of my thesis my aim was to create a game based on the game type of my topic. In order to do that, i learned and implemented many new and interesting programming methods.

In my documentation, i included the early planning phase, whit it’s problems and solutions that while planning. I define the concrete goals, that i wanted to achieve during my work, and i document the way that i walked while reaching said goals.

The documentation countains short explanations of the most important programming methods used during development. These include some, which are exlusive to the Unity platform.

The documentation contains detailed showcases of the problems i encountered, and the technics and classes designed to solve them. During the documentation i usually start at the smallest part of the currently showcased topic, and steadily progress toward the bigger and more complex mechanics untill i fully explore the subject.

During the creation of this documentation i tried to talk about the way how the things work tougether on the bigger scale, so when i later revisit this project and decide to add more content to it, this documentation will be able to serve as a guide to my program, therefore helping in its future development.


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