Development of a receipt scanning and budget tracking application on Android platform

OData support
Pomázi Krisztián Dániel
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our everyday life tracking our expenses can be really useful for planning our budget. The more convenient it is to do so the easier it is to keep tracking on the long run. In addition to this, the ability of creating precise and elaborate reports of stored data may also be of importance. These reports can help us either with saving up or with being more of conscientious consumers.

Tracking our expenses on paper is usually cumbersome, it not only takes much time, but reports have to be created manually. With the help of computer programs and spreadsheets it is easier to generate such reports, but using these tools is not so convenient after all. Using applications on our smartphones is the fastest and easiest method for this purpose. However, current expense tracking apps do not store data on the level of individual items, meaning that they only save the sum of a purchase or expense. Further details of what we bought and how much it cost gets lost, and consequently, reports show no information about these aspects.

In my thesis, I provide the possibility of tracking the items of expenses too. Categories can be chosen for not only the expenses but the items too. This way it is much more accurately trackable and analyzable what the user spent his or her money on. In order to speed up the process, one can use a text-recognition function to read items from a receipt. Additionally, a user can also type the data manually. Using stored data, I show charts for the purpose of visualization, sorted by categories and day of purchase.

I hope my application facilitates a more convenient tracking of expenses. I’d like to improve the text-recognition functionality in the future, so that this daily routine can become even smoother. The most optimal scenario would be if the application could recognize not only the characters of a bill, but also the individual items they form. When items are recognized, relating categories could also be guessed by the application. Such an easy-to-use and useful application could make life easier for even more people.


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