Bluetooth host protocol stack integration and verification in an automotive control unit

OData support
Dr. Max Gyula
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The connected communication system means the future for the automotive indutry’s future developing. Int he created networks all the informations are available about the vehicle and it’s environment via the sensors. The question comes naturally, why not connect smartphones and tablets – which are s popular nowadays – to this information network. Using Bluetooth connection these smart devices can provide and informative and easy to understand interface for displaying and modifying lots of parameters and data.

The aim of this thesis is to make the previously manufactured control unit prototype able to receive commands and send diagnostic data via Bluetooth with the integration of a Bluetooth host protocol stack.

The problems and task which occurred during the integration of the Bluetooth stack, the software and hardware verification concepts are represented within the framework of the thesis. The chapters of the thesis contain detailed information about the structure of the Bluetooth host protocol stack, the control unit prototype, the upcoming problems and tasks during the integration, the functions of the sample applications and about the concept of the memory protection methods.


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