Bluetooth mesh networking

OData support
Dr. Szabó Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Onto 2018 the Internet of Things flourishes, and it opens, a whole lot of new opportunities like implementing cost optimization, income increasing applications or other new services. The use- case of it is exceptionally wide, nearly any domain on the market can profit from it, from sports across agriculture to the industry, anywhere can be used and could be a value generating impact.

Because of the wide range of area where can be used, it is very hard to cover all use- cases with universal solution, especially on the communication field. Namely because it is essential to know, in what field the IoT solution will be implemented. It will be in the mountains or in a emporium? On the grain field where it will collect data on the state of the growth or will it be used in a smart home application? Thus, in IoT, the communication technologies can be sort into two categories: short range and long range. In these fields there are already a lot of solutions to satisfy the needs of different application areas and the palette is growing day by day. Especially in IoT it is excepted that a communication technology must provide wide bandwidth as energy efficiently as possible.

This examination paper is demonstrating a short range, energy efficient, considerably new communication technology: The Bluetooth Mesh. The goal of this paper is to explain the concept of the technology and then show a segment of the network performance, notably throughput and convergence time by an application made by myself.

By the time this document is written, there very few or misleading information about this technology, thus this piece of work can be valuable to anyone who want to get acquainted with it or interested in the performance that it can provide.


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