Designing and Implementing a Bluetooth periferia device on Android platform

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During the last decade cellphones have become an integral part of our life, overshadowing the previously used fix lined phones. Nowadays smartphones are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to their decreasing price and growing functionality, these devices are becoming widespread. Because we take these devices almost everywhere, it would be practical to extend their functionality with remote control capabilities, so that nearby devices could be managed using a single interface on the mobile phone

This thesis describes a system, which gives the capability of controlling a PC to an Android device via Bluetooth communication. On the PC side there is an agent application written in Java language. This agent is responsible for generating the necessary events for the remote controlling, while the Android application is responsible for providing a user interface for the remote controlling. The system provides a simple domain specific language to create custom remote control layouts. These layouts can be managed through a web application that provides interface for the creating, updating and deleting methods. The Android client can download these custom layouts through a RESTful web service provided by the web application.

Firstly the technologies used in the implementations are described, then comes the detailed description of the implemented system, containing the different design decisions. After that, the testing of the different components is described. Finally I summarize the experiences and examine the possible improvements for the system.


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