Wireless ECG with Bluetooth

OData support
Lazányi János Gyula
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

At this and the last term I have done my exercise within the confines of the Diplomatervezés 1. and 2. course of the MSC curriculum. My project is the preparation and starting the design work of an ECG monitor device with Bluetooth interface. I started the job with the determination of the duties. I created a timeplan for myself. I figured out the cornerstones, which give the ability to measure the project advance.

I continued working with searching of the literature, I collected the properties of the ECG signals, the requirements of the measurement, and I searched for reference designs with similar functions.

I developed the architecture of the device, and determined the separate partitions. I gave detailed descriptions of the partitions as the creation of block diagrams.

I carried on the working with the collection of the necessary electronic parts. I used a requirement specification, which was developed during the searching of the literature and the architectural design phase.

After I found the best fitting elements for all of the necessary functions, I started the design of the schematic documents following the block diagrams. I simulated the design and I developed the layout designs of the hadvare modules. I have done measurements on the model of the analog card.


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