Developing a BoardComputer application for Android

OData support
Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays many vehicles contain a built-in board computer that aims to provide some more data about the vehicle, however, there are some vehicles that do not have got any information system, or they do not give enough information.

The subject of my thesis is to develop a board computer Android application, which can visualize vehicle data via Bluetooth connection. That board computer application should provide data even in vehicles where no information system has been built in. The source of information is an electrical tool, called FMS Gateway, which is connected to the vehicle’s CAN-bus system. The messages are processed and forwarded via CAN-bus or serial port by the gateway. The communication can easily be transformed from cable into wireless with a Bluetooth module. The application’s task is to make statistics and charts from the collected data besides the live data visualization. The statistical data (averages, aggregate values), if not available on the vehicle’s communication system, is calculated by the FMS gateway. At a further stage of development some eco driving function should be integrated in the application, which has been made during my thesis. These functions not only observe the driver, but also give some advice to reach the ideal fuel consumption.

In the following chapters of my thesis I will summarize the basic knowledge required to develop the application, and I will present the planning and the implementation of the Android app.


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