Booktera, java based book exchange webapplication, with mobile clients

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays a big part of the IT sector's market is covered by thin client applications. The growing of the mobile segment brought the demand on extending these applications with mobile clients. Newer and newer technologies, platforms, frameworks appear; and try to slice off the biggest from the cake. A software engineer has to be able to adapt to these changes; to be competent for learning new technologies.

Within the framework of my master's thesis therefore first, as a .NET developer, I row on Java waters; present on the grounds of my own experience which typical challanges, difficulties a .NET developer can meet by beginning on Java platform. I spring from an existing (social book exchange) web application, which has a .NET backend; its web surface is written in the framework ASP.NET MVC 4.

First I prepare the architecture for interaction with other technologies with the implementation of a WCF layer, then replant the web surface to a chosen Java based framework. The first half of my master's thesis presents this part of my work, with high priority for the comparison of the .NET and Java techonlogies.

In the second half of my master's thesis I turn again into the direction of other techonlogies; and create mobile clients for this web application within two popular platforms; these will be the Windows Phone 8 and the Android 4.4. I will present the process of the the client applications' design, the considered UX aspects; and will also compare the development on the two platforms.


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