Dialíziskészülék vezérlőkörének továbbfejlesztése

OData support
Szombathy Csaba Zoltán
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Nowadays in most industrial machines, so even in the apparatus for extracorporeal blood treatment at chronic renal insufficiency, there is a personal computer and a Linux operation system on service. Using them the developers try to produce the most so that both doctors and nurses can be given such a visual feeling that can make their daily routine more pleasant and the patient can be treated in maximum safety. For these latest developments an advanced hardware is also needed which meets certain requirements like heat sink size, motherboard size, chipset, processor speed and last but not least supporting the latest graphic standards. Within the framework of my dissertation the present processor has been exchanged for an ARM processor which is faster and more developed in theory but nowadays it is a less-spread architecture in personal computers. On this processor I am able to run the whole program system which is running on the present apparatus. I have found solutions for the errors while compiling tasks, running time errors and even for the lack of the port RS-232. In the end I have made measurements about the present system and measurements about the stand-up time and the boot time of the system investigated by me.


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