Designing and Examining Different PCB Antenna Structures for Bosch Bodycomputer RF Circuit

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Csorvási Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The topic of this thesis is the radio frequency module in central locking system of a car, specially the antenna of the receiver unit. The actuality of the topic is the modified requirements from the customer partner. The aim is to find an antenna which is more efficient than the actual one and the selection criteria also will be presented in four chapers.

The first chapter details the short history, structure and scope of activities of Bosch group both globally and in Hungary, focusing on specifically the headquarters in Budapest, where this thesis has been written.

The second chapter provides a reason why the following document is necessary induced by the enhanced regulations relating to the automotive industry.

In the third chapter the types of RF circuits are discussed, as well as the phases of the development. The included calculations are presented in order to aid and supervise the measurements and to provide the theoretical background.

The topic of the fourth chapter is more practical, specially with the measurement tasks, in addition with their layout and the relevant parameters of the tools utilized.

In the fifth chapter, the results and the evaluation of the measurements are presented. As closure the future development of the antenna is provided along with the design consideration before the launch in mass production.


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