Bridge education game for Android

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Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Bridge is among the most popular card games, in which players are often required to find strategies with the highest probability of success, a skill that requires tremendous amount of practice. This is why a software which simulates interesting bridge scenarios against strong opponents can be a valuable tool for improving one’s bridge knowledge. In this thesis I will present an educational but challenging bridge app for the Android platform. Firstly, I will introduce the game of bridge and how and why an app could be entertaining and useful, then I will cover the key concepts of bridge necessary to understand the challenges of the app.

Afterwards, as the app will require to simulate a strong artificial intelligence I will go into the details of the algorithms most commonly used in the field of bridge computing. I will then evaluate these algorithms and present my concept for the artificial intelligence in the education app. After the description of the underlying bridge artificial intelligence, I will evaluate the various approaches for Android app development, lay down the requirements of the app to be developed, present my implementation and conclude my experiences.


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