Planning of the lighting system of predestien traffic zones in underpass systems at Baross square

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Dr. Némethné Vidovszky Ágnes
Department of Electric Power Engineering

This thesis is about the lighting of Baross square’s pedestrian underpass system. I designed two lighting systems with traditional fluorescent lamps and with LED luminaries.

After I presented the architectural structure of the subway system I described the standards be applied to pedestrian underpasses.

Since currently there is no lighting standard for pedestrian underpasses, I took illumination measurements in three underpasses in Budapest. It turns out that the renovated lighting of Nyugati pályudvar railway station underpass is significantly oversized.

My aim was to design lighting that is more energy efficient and more economical than the fluorescent lighting used in most underpasses.

I designed the two lighting systems in Relux light planning software. I took illumination measurements in the completed Baross square’s pedestrian underpass system and I draw conclusions on the data providing the basis for the design.

In the economic analysis, I conclude that the payback time of extra investment cost of LED lighting is 18.5 years. Due to the long payback period, additional considerations are required on the investor side.


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