Implementing of the order process of a furniture manufacturer company on IBM integration platform

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

I have prepared my Bachelor Thesis Project at Intalion Kft. My task was to implement the ordering process of a furniture manufacturing company on IBM Integration platform.

I felt it is necessary to visit a factory before starting the work to see how it works in reality. I have chosen SWEDWOOD SORRON KFT. The master planner explained the processes of the company, how the orders go through the information system.

Oracle was selected as an external database connected to IBM to demonstrate how IBM can work together with software of other manufacturers, what kind of solutions are given for linking the systems. Tables and variables were set according to the task description.

After planning the steps of the implementation I have started the work with IBM Business Process Management.

First I have created the business process flow, the conditions of the gateways and the user interfaces in Process Designer, which is a component of BPM V7.5. Functions were created as an advanced integrated service and then the application was saved in the Process Center repository.

With the help of the other authoring environment, the Integration Designer I have connected to the Process Center and opened the process. A database connection was built to Oracle, entities were generated from the tables to enable the usage. In the project I have completed the job using the database.

The application was tested which is described in a separate chapter. Finally I have summarized my experiences and collected some ideas how the application could be further developed.


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