Following C language coding rules in Eclipse environment, using interactive modules

OData support
Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Eclipse was originally a project of the IBM in 2002. It was written in Java and also was aimed to Java developers. Nowadays it became a Multilanguage free license software developing environment, which is used by millions of developers, engineers, and users all over the world.

In the vehicle industry special programming rules of the C programming language are used, which contain a stricter version of the standard language. Most of the programmers in this industry use Eclipse, but unfortunately Eclipse does not support keeping these required rules. The task was to create a Plug-in for Eclipse Development Environment, which can take care of some defined programming standard.

First of all Eclipse itself is reviewed, the history and some important usage of it. Some useful advices are also given about how to use the Eclipse more efficiently.

The next section is about how to make a simple Plug-in for Eclipse. The most important part of Plug-in creating is to create the and the plugin.xml. It is shown how can be a new toolbar item, a key binding, a menu item, a preference page be added to the program.

The Plug-in must be tested in run time situations, and also needed to debug it. The program will not only be used by the developer, but a lot of other people. To do this, the best way is to create an Update Site. This chapter is about how to do these features in Eclipse.

The last part is about the Plug-in which can supply the requirements of the task. All the features and the structure of the program are reported here. This chapter explains which classes and interfaces are used and why. It is also shown how someone can get access to the editor part of the environment. This is followed by the algorithm of process of the content of the editor. Finally I mention some developmental opportunities of the program.


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