Measuring system for C band radio channel

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Farkasvölgyi Andrea
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory


Nowadays more and more electronic devices are communicating through wireless connection. The information flows in an open channel. Whether indoor or outdoor circumstances apply such finding is true that communication must be ensured for these platforms in a way, that platforms are able to select from the information flow the particular signals sent to their reception. For this reason the available frequency spectrum was divided into parts. However due to development of distinctive technologies a newly evolved demand has also appeared, which meant to have the highest data transfer rate attainable. But, as is well known bandwidth is only available to a limited amount where further increment is not a feasible option. Accordingly such method must be chosen for bandwidth growth that offers another potential solution for additional increase. This paper describes on what factors the available bit rate depends on within the information channel. Further on, it discusses the Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) features of the antenna system. Such a Multiple Input Multiple Output structure offers potential solution for the challenges mentioned above. Simulation and carried out measurement will be the means to examine the Single Input Multiple Output systems accessible growth of channel capacity as a determinative factor for the comparison of Single Input Single Output systems. During the simulation and measurement we are seeking the most optimal composition in order to maximize the data transfer on the bandwidth used by the given system.


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