Designing CAN Data link layer based on SAE J1939 automotive standard

OData support
Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The present master's thesis introduces the steps of the design, implementation and testing of CAN Data link layer based on a wildly used automotive standard (SAE J1939-21). The aim of this study to show the usage of object-oriented methodology in case of an embedded system which is realized in C programming language.

This document describes the background of this task and the necessity of the implementation. It also introduces the most important parts of the related standard. It represents the software design which was created by using object-oriented design principles.

The implemented software module was tested in two steps. First of all, Software-in-the-Loop tests were performed. This testing method is introduced with its advantages and disadvantages. The implementation of the SiL test environment and the principles of test case design are also covered. The execution and the test environment of Hardware-in-the-loop tests is also detailed in this document.

Finally, the open points which came up during implementation and testing of the module are represented.


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