Implementation of a CAN-based Communication Protocol

OData support
Dr. Kovács Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The CAN communication protocol is a widespread solution in the automotive industry and is used by other industry segments as a success. It is also used in an automated test facility where it is necessary to implement communication between components, either from control aspects, or data collection.

Within the scope of the dissertation, I have had the opportunity to acquire deeper knowledge of protocol and its applicability beyond my studies. In the first part of the dissertation, I examine the theoretical elements of the CAN protocol, and then, by linking the applied developing environment and language, I analyze the possibilities of the LabView programming language.

By learning the LabView programming language, I have the opportunity to use industry-standard data processing and measurement units. And supported by the other tools of National Instruments, I have gained the knowledge of carrying out tests and diagnostic tasks.

In the following paragraph, I describe the software solution that is implemented in an automated test system realizing communication, by controlling a uniquely designed inverter for measuring, and also collecting the information provided by the device, thus enabling monitoring.


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