Test device with CAN interface

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The main topic of my essay is the development of a special test device aimed to be used in automotive industry. The demand for this tool arose in one of the departments of the well-known automotive supplier Bosch, named GS-TC where they design transmission controller units for motor-vehicles equipped with automatic transmission.

The represented problem is made up of the complete construction of a device which communicates with the transmission controller via CAN bus sending them different message presets and receiving the corresponding answers. Additionally, the box provides 16 low and 4 high current connection points capable of being switched individually to the controller as well. The device is operated through its local controls or remote. Of course it has a nice character display, too.

De device is being referred to as TDG1 ECON BOX based on the name of latest transmission controller of the department.

In the thesis after detailing the needs I shortly present the operation of the CAN bus, the chosen microcontroller especially its features needed in this application.

Thereafter I describe the process of planning and building, expound and explain the designed hardware and software implementaions. Of course, nor the used development environments will be omitted.

The essay ends by summarizing the experiences gathered through the start-up process of the system, the achieved results, and examining some further update possibilities.


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