Developing CAN bus based mesasurement card for different physical layers

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Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The electrical systems of the modern vehicles are made by various control units that are communicating with each other. These control units are embedded systems, which are responsible for the proper operation of the vehicles subunits (e.g. engine control unit, transmission control unit, ABS, comfort electronics, etc.). The information created by subassemblies is generally required for operating the control units.

The communication between different units is made with the CAN bus protocol which is the most popular in automotive industry. The need for quality communication, the transmission speed, however, depends largely on the use of the area. Therefore CAN bus physical layers are defined in different standards.

The subject of the thesis is a development and creation of CAN bus based measurement card. Measurement card is applied in vehicle industry for measurement of CAN bus physical layers. Measurement card creates the connection between CAN bus and an existing USB based CAN controller.

The first part of the thesis represents the different physical layers of the CAN bus and standards, that follows the analization of CAN physical interfaces which are available on the market.

In the next chapter I describe the planning process of CAN measurement card, which part starts with the processes from creating the specification and goes on with the designing of the entire tuning system according to the hardware system too.

The last part of the thesis demonstrates the steps of bringing PCB to live and the evaluation of the measurement, then outline possible development directions.


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