CAN bus - wireless gateway development

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My thesis is about a development in a project, called XACM that I began at XTALIN Ltd. in 2015. During the project I was working on the solution of a real task. I had to realize the internal in-vehicle wireless communication of sensor signals of big agricultural machines. Due to this development we are able to simplify the sensor network deployment in such vehicles and we are also able to bridge greater distances.

During the development, the design of a prototype hardware was needed, which was able to make a bridge between the CAN (Controller Area Network) communication bus and a wireless network. CAN is very widespread bus in the automotive industry that is also used in agricultural machines, therefore it is an essential part of any sensor network used in such environment.

In the second phase of the development task I had to assembly the prototype of the designed hardware and verify its behavior. Then I had to revive and implement the embedded software that belongs to it. The goal of the software in nut shell is to transmit the received CAN messages through the chosen Wi-Fi module.

I have also written PC software to display the data transmitted through the Wi-Fi communication. With this software we are able to monitor the communication on the CAN bus.

The XACM project was realized successfully with the necessary functions and until now it has complied with its scope of duties immaculately.


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