Development of a target based test environment using CAN communication

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

During a project it is unavoidable to test the codes we developed. The testing is done in multiple phases defined by the V model. The first of these phases is the unit testing. The purpose of this phase is to verify the internal logic code within each unit. Most of these tests can be also done on a PC, however there are some which require the target.

My task was to create a test environment which supports the unit testing on the target. The objective of the project was that the test environment should do the testing process automatically and that the tester would only need to create the test cases. The test environment’s task is to compile the code for the test cases, download them from the PC to the target hardware and after the process has been finished to acquire the results and display them.

In this document I describe the implementation of this process with an MC9S12XE microcontroller as the target. Firstly, I describe the structure of the whole environment, the parts it is consisted of and their purposes. In the second chapter I introduce the devices I have used during the project including the target equipment. Furthermore I discuss in detail the requirements and implementation of each part. Finally I conclude the paper with the future plans of this project.


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