Realization of CAN–Ethernet gateway

OData support
Dr. Tóth Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

There are a lot of running development at the Robert Bosch Kft., for example researches with camera based diver assistance systems, airbag control and sensors. To support efficiently the development, tools are needed that make possible to monitor automotive networks, for example into CAN networks.

The aim of my thesis is the creation of a system on the EMBAS Industrie Elektronik GmbH & Co KG’s „CLAUS-X Multiport CAN Gateway”, which makes it able to diagnose the CAN network traffic through the Ethernet network. An additional requirement is that it should not disturb the CAN communication, but it should be able to modify some of the CAN messages on demand.

At the beginning of my work, I collected all the knowledge materials that are inevitably necessary during the implementation of the CAN-Ethernet gateway functionality. The two protocols are both designed for different field of applications. That is a reason, why I analysed the possible problems that may occur due to the diversity of some physical, speed or other characteristics.

According to the requirements, I programmed the gateway function in XC programming language that is aimed for the programming of XMOS microcontrollers that are the main part of the gateway.

In addition to the implemented CAN-Ethernet gateway functionality, I designed the test environment also. The Ethernet side of the system includes a user interface, which is written in C# programming language and can be used for monitoring and manipulating purposes. The CAN network side of the system includes two simple CANalyzer database and a simulation panel, whose control was implemented using the CAPL programming language, making it easy to test the CAN side of the network.

The completed system is suitable for wired Ethernet-based communication, what is an adequate basis for a possible wireless Ethernet realization in the future.


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