Development of a CAN Bus Onboard Diagnostics Software

OData support
Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This thesis deals with on-board diagnostics in modern vehicles, more specifically with the software related to it. It starts a with brief summary of basic knowledge required for on-board diagnostics, such as the CAN (Controller Area Network) network, which is a feature of modern vehicles’ internal communication system. Market research has been conducted to look into the functionality of various available diagnostic software and vehicle parameters they can access. Thereafter, based on the gained knowledge, details of the design and preparation of the diagnostic software are described through its classes and functions. Finally, the test specification and test results of the written software are presented.

The diagnostic software, together with a WeCAN-USB interface from Inventure Inc. and a PC (Personal Computer), is able to query real vehicle standard and vehicle-specific data, using CAN messages. The queried data can be displayed in text and in graphic form. Furthermore, the data can be logged in WeCAN format and CSV (Comma-separated Values) file in two different ways, thus providing the possibility of post evaluation of the obtained vehicle parameters.

The software and listed features operate according to the expectations, which are based on a test with a real vehicle.


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