Framework for CMS based enterprise warehousing systems

OData support
Dr. Simon Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Warehousing is the main element of the logistic chain, which connects each step within the process from production to delivery, creating the opportunity to ease the spatial and temporal differences in production and consumption. Warehousing involves tremendous administration, which from IT aspect can be corresponded to a Content Management System.

In my dissertation, I present the development of a warehouse system framework plan, which is aimed to facilitate the storage and administration processes, making them easier and more affective. Before getting into the development of a new warehousing system, the dissertation presents some of the existing framework systems.

The new system is capable of administrating any type and number of products and supports all the processes of storage, such as identification of incoming goods, designation of warehouse space, storage, commissioning and shipping.

An important criterion was that the new system would be easy to use, and anyone without deep knowledge of IT or logistic systems could manage it.

In order to achieve this an intuitive user interface and an automated logistic process, which would execute the business logic, had to be designed.


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