Optimizing the use of CO2 laser cutting by VBA scripts

OData support
Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

In the material processing industry CO2 lasers are widely used for cutting various type of materials due to its favorable properties. My project was to optimize the cutting process of such laser system.

The first step of laser material processing is the drawing of the desired figure in a graphics software. The laser will perform the cutting process based on the data of the document. I designed and developed algorithms which can shorten the cutting time using VBA macros in CorelDRAW. This result is achieved by restructuring the data of the documents. Testing showed that after running these macros the laser cuts the same figures 5-6 seconds faster in average.

The developed macros can also be used to satisfy custom needs like workpiece alignment or helping mass production scheduling. For example after drawing the figures the user can get useful information with a few mouse clicks about the expected duration of the operation or just simply draw the outline of the figure to minimize alignment problems.


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