Developing a CRM system based on Java EE 6

OData support
Berényi Zsolt
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

For the functioning of the companies are indispensable, that all the neccesary information are available about their clients at any given time. It is not enough that they have got the information, it have to be in ordered and centered stored, otherwise they disappear, or does not reach the right people. It is important that the storing system have to be safe, because they have confidential and valuable data, and the right people have only access to them, both externally and internally too.

In the last one year I have known the technology I have chosen, what I have been selected among several different technologies. The main reason of this decision was the provided futures and the development opportunities.

In the first section of this thesis, i introduce the new features of the Java EE 6, what i put to use during the development. In the next section a development method, the SCRUM is displayed, and some of long standing known CRM system is compared. In the last, biggest section is the specification and documentation of the making software.


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