Applying a CRM system at a telecommunication company

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I have worked on the topic announced by evoCRM Ltd. The aim of it has been to introduced a totally new Microsoft Dynamics CRM system at a small Hungarian telecommunications company. This Microsoft product is an out of the box product, made for small and medium-sized companies and can be customized with specific methods according to customer demand. Based on the requirements of the telecommunications company my main task has been to customize the system focusing on the surface and functional changes.

The first part of my thesis is dedicated to the given technology and the reporting options connected to it. I have conveyed the already existing legacy system of the enterprise and had the right amount of knowledge about it I have examined customer needs regarding the new system and then I have made a system plan.

The second part of my thesis deals with the implementation of the system. First, I have modified the main entities and after that created the new entities required by the company. Secondly, developments have been made that are necessary for the supplementary functionality. During the whole process I have done my best to use the developing methods supported by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, for example: business rules, workflows and JavaScript programming language.

After these steps I have transplanted the previously tested and now real system to the live environment. As my next move, I have migrated the data drawn from the existing system to the new one which have been placed in a DEV environment initially. Having eliminated the errors of the database, it has been transferred to the live environment. Following the upload of the customer management system I have created the requested report with the help of Power View, Power Query for Excel and Power Pivot. have made a user documentation and a tutorial for users of the system.

The structure of my thesis reflects the order in which the tasks have been executed. The closure deals with the further development of the system as well as my personal experiences regarding the project.


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