CT image segmentation for medical diagnostics

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Dr. Benyó Balázs István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Application of computer aided methods in medicine has shown great progress in the last few decades. Several computer aided applications have been developed to facilitate the fields of clinical diagnostics and medical research. Medical imaging nowadays has become a crucial part of clinical diagnostics. We might as well say that this is the field of medicine where computer aided technology is most widely used, since working with digital data strongly fosters prompt diagnostic decisions. This thesis aims to create methods for processing CT images taken of bones. Differentiating regions of bones according to diverse image properties is one of the classic image processing problems. My task was to create effective image processing methods and procedures for segmenting different bone regions according to morphological parameters, with the help of modern image processing methods.

This thesis consists of the following subsections. First of all I present an overview of computer aided image processing, in particular I focus on procedures that take morphological aspects into account as well. After that I design computer procedures with which I will be able to segment bone regions and visualize the results effectively. Furthermore, I implement a whole framework to which I will be able to integrate and implement my own developed segmentation procedures. Finally I test my methods on real image sequences and I make a comparison of the test results. This work should be evaluated regarding both medical and engineering aspects as well.


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