Computerisation of C-V measurements

OData support
Dr. Mizsei János
Department of Electron Devices

Based on available literature, I will present basic knowledge of C-V measurement methods based on MOSFET structures. I deal with the physical processes in the back of the measurement results in detail.

I summarize the knowledge, equations that can be used to determine the physical parameters of the measured sample based on the measurement results.

My thesis is started with a project that was developed, which included a measurement system with custom software to automatically measure C-V and C-t characteristic. I will detail the process of furthering this measurement system and the software in my dissertation.

The most important function of this program and my thesis is the analysis based on the measurement results, in which I determine the doping concentration of the semiconductor, the lifetime of the minority carriers and the density of the surface states based on the C-V, C-t characteristic.

I started the planning process with the analisys of the old program and started exploring its mistakes. I have determined the requirements of my task and I have designed the changes and innovations that were made on the presented measuring system to be more practical to use.

During my developement process of the program, I made measurements to test each functionality to be able to guarantee reliable operation.


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