Call center handler application in smartphone devices

OData support
Dr. Szabó Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Large majority of call centers often, are unable to satisfy the customer’s needs due to their workload or complicated structure. The customer service systems can be controlled only by dial buttons which is a slow and difficult task because in most cases the customer must listen to irrelevant information as well. Furthermore the user has to identify himself in some menu points, for example type the customer identification number, and he get workload information of the operators just before to be connected to them. Due to the previously mentioned issues sometimes the caller even reaches the targeted menu point but cannot obtain the really required information. Beyond information retrieval call center systems often provide automated services for their customers which belong to the activity of the company directly, for instance balance inquiry in a bank system. These functions usually need data to be entered, which makes the administration procedure slower.

To solve these problems, my task was to implement an application, which enables to handle the call center systems through a smart device. The purpose of the task is to map the whole customer service system to visual form to navigate among the menu points on the mobile device in faster way, and obtain the required information. Beyond information retrieval the application has to provide the IVR’s (Interactive Voice Response) automated services, for example bank account balance inquiry, or password change, and store the entered input data.

In my thesis I introduce the decisions of design and implementation solutions, which are related to the mobile based customer service system. In the first chapter I introduce the problem and review the progress of design and the applied technologies. Afterwards I describe the system architecture, and also present the implemented client application. Test results are also discussed in the paper.


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