Captive Portal authentication using One-time Passwords

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays the mobile devices are spreading all over the world, that is why the wireless networks have become more important. Among others there is a method if we want to limit the accessibility of a wireless network: authentication of a Captive Portal. It does not require a special setting or skill from the user, it’s enough to open a browser, and when a login site appears, authenticate himself.

But it is possible to misuse with this authentication method. It will reduce the risks, if the potentially acquired password can be used only once. The One-Time Password gives the possibility of this, because after using a password, it will be invalid.

In my thesis I prepare a Captive Portal system, which supports a traditional username/password authentication method, using the OTP authentication method as well. I have to add a few new fields to the login page, which are required to the OTP authentication. And I make possible to use the system parallel with many Access Points, through a central RADIUS server.

I provide a mobile software which can generate the actual OTP. It can read the server-side parameters, required by the generation process, from a QR code provided by the login page with a camera which is built in to the mobile device.

Then I will the completed system, whether it really gives more security than the other traditional authentication methods.


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