Development of Cash Flow Analysis Tool Using Microsoft BI

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

Cash flow is one of the most important financial measures for a company. Although it is used in a widely, it is usually measured during a specified, finite period of time, therefore we can get its figure only when we are not able to influence that. Shown its importance a huge range of other financial measures are based on it so the leaders and managers are interested to improve its standard.

In this thesis I am going to develop a cash flow analysis application using Microsoft BI tools, which is assistance to the decision-makers during their further work to improve the companies’ measures.

In the first part I introduce the knowledge, which is required to understand the contexts.

After the theoretical introduction I guide through the designing process with my solution and specify developing reasons. During my solution I followed two main aspects:

- My tool must be independent from the ERP system that is the data source and

- it must keep all the identities used in the ERP to be able to look back the related documents.

In keywords I needed to do the following steps:

- I had to design and implement an independent data warehouse and create ETL processes that fill it with relevant data

- When there was enough data for making the analysis I need to deploy an OLAP cube to the warehouse, which supports the clients to join and gain information for the analysis

- At least the final analysis has to be made available for managers and decision-makers. For it I chose SharePoint, which is able to show Excel spreadsheets as a dynamic website with the help of Excel Web Access. This makes the results independent and portable.

Finally I summarized my solution and suggested some aspects for further upgrading and developing.


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