Energy Efficiency Analysis of Cellular Radio Access Networks

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Dr. Vidács Attila
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

My aim with this thesis is the introduction of the GSM, WCDMA and LTE mobile systems design and presentation of network dimensioning point of view. I have made several Microsoft Excel tables, where I examine each technology by their link budget value and maximum cell sizes. This Excel tables were written in macros which calculate these values by the given formulas. The results were compared between the GSM, WCDMA and LTE systems. The calculations show that the highest link budget and cell sizes are in the GSM systems. The largest cell was in the case of GSM 900, thanks to the 900 MHz wave propagation characteristics which have a better attenuation. However, WCDMA, LTE are able to provide additional services to users, as the GSM system is not. These additional services for example the increased data rate, real-time applications and video conferencing. LTE is used in urban areas where the cell size is less than a kilometer.

Beside of the network dimensioning and scaling I analyzed the energy efficiency of these mobile systems and compared the results with each other. There are several metrics to measure energy efficiency, however I choose to use the covered area and base station energy transmission rate as a metric, because it is based on the previously computed maximum cell sizes. Since GSM systems have the largest area covered, it has the biggest energy efficiency value as well. This value is decreasing as we are moving towards LTE since LTE provides a wide range of services which needs more energy and also has the smallest cells.

As energy efficiency is not only environmental concerns but also a very strong financial one also, therefore, I proposed several suggestions which help to improve energy efficiency for this cellular access networks.

I suggest my work to everybody who is interested in mobile technologies, energy efficiency and dimensioning. For them, a lot of very interesting results are available in these topics.


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