Effective agile methods and development of supporting system

OData support
Dr. Lengyel László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the last few decades more and more company apply an agile methodology or some elements and practices from an agile methodology during a software develpoment or other engineering project. Nowadays several agile methodologies and practices are available. According to the project specifics we can choose the best fitting methodology and practices for our software developement project.

In my thesis I will display the most used agile methodologies and agile pratices, and some project specifics too – to make the right decision. According to specified project specifics I will calculate the rate of success by choosing the given agile methodology.

Also an application will be developed, which will show the user the rate of success, when he/she will apply one from the most used agile methodologies – after he/she gives the project specifics. The application will also show a comparison of the results.


• Get familiar and display the most used agile methodologies and practices.

• Make some calculation (formulas), which can show the rate of success in precentage.

• Design and implement an application for it.


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