Development of a chat client with JavaScript technologies

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Webshops started to appear several years ago on the Internet revolutionizing the way of shopping because of their lower prices, great diversity of goods and the convenience of ordering from home. However when browsing webshops, the customers lose the experience of shopping in traditional stores and asking the shop assistants for their help or advice.

The aim of the project of my thesis is to adapt some parts of this experience to webshops by developing a chat application that can be integrated into them, thus enabling the shop assistants and customers to exchange information over the application. The application will provide more than the currently existing ones, since it will be able to integrate better with the webshop, by letting the shop assistants recommend products to the customers and view the content of their shopping carts. Thereby the assistant will be able to guide them during the shopping, just like it would happen in a traditional shop.

In the chapters of my thesis I will introduce some technologies and solutions that can be used to realize a chat application, choose one of them for the implementation and present the chosen one in detail. I will also present the overall architecture of the application and take a closer look at the module that is responsible for the messaging using the chosen technology. After that I will give further details about its inner architecture, implementation and testing. Finally I will also present a way of deploying the application to the Amazon Web Services cloud and its automation using Jenkins automation server.

Please note, that the idea is not my own, since it is an ongoing project at Zoosh Magyarország Kft, where I have been a part of the team assigned to this project. The parts presented in this thesis make up my work on it, they are entirely done by myself.


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