Chatbot integration with web based CMS

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays as new internet based technologies evole, companies have more and more communication channels to reach their customers. This vivid communication flow may challenge companies and can lead to inconvenient user experiences.

In my thesis, I research the integration options between webshop and chatbot applications.

In the first chapter I present the necessary technology background, including data storage and chatbot applications. I explore the available services to each described technology and evaluate them according to a common schema.

In the second chapter I specify and design a sufficient architecture, that satisfies the requirements, therefore integration a webshop with a chatbot interface.

In the third chapter I present the required integration steps of the beforehand described architecture. I’m looking for solutions to problems like: how can I store centralised data, is it possible to represent a common business entity to Facebook through the webshop and the chatbot?

In the last chapter I examine the developed system considering sustainability and error handling. I measure the operational tasks, their automation options. Finally I expound the expansion options.


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