Chrome based traffic measurements and analysis

OData support
Dr. Molnár Sándor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

During writing the thesis my task was to create an automation framework in which measuring database can be built up easily by using Google Chrome. This is necessary because the Internet is becoming more and more popular, the web traffic is constantly increasing and the data communication is done almost entirely through browsers on the desktop platform. In parallel with the increase in traffic the users expect more and more speed and shorter loading times, which means a great challenge for the engineers to serve all these increasing demand among web pages getting more and more complex.

We have possibility to process data with this implemented system, from which we can determine what the connection is between the loading time of the pages and the number of domain serving pages. There is a further advantage of the system that the measurements can be repeated at any time easily and quickly, so using this system we can monitor the changing of the measured data even in long term.

The results of my measurements confirmed our expectations that the loading time of pages is more closely related to the number of domains serving pages than the size of the page. A linear connection also can be observed on the graphs between the number of requests and the number of domains, as well as between the number of domains and the loading time.


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