Tag cloud based media content management application for Android

OData support
Dr. Vida Rolland
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, with the spreading of smartphones having digital cameras and more and more storage space, we take photos and videos, and store other media files without much restraint or limit.

However, when we would like to find a specific photo or video, we don't have an easy task at all while using conventional content management applications. This is because the gallery and media handling programs included in operating systems have usually very limited managing and sorting capabilities.

During the degree work, I developed a media management application that can make this process transparent, efficient, and user-friendly. In the application we can browse our media files and assign tags to them. Then, we can look at these labels in a tag cloud view, and by zooming in our managed files become visible. Since tags can also be assigned to each other, it is possible to create more complex, hierarchical structures too. I also integrated a webserver module into the application, which makes it possible to look at our photos on desktop computers in any web browser, or to upload new files to our mobile device. I implemented the application for the Android platform, which is currently the most popular mobile platform available.


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