Application of Cloud Computing at SMEs

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In this semester, I have gained a lot of experience on the Cloud Computing possibilities. I got to know an interesting technology, which is gaining a lot of attention from all kind of enterprise these days. Also getting experience using the Google App Engine was very rewarding, during development I have faced several issues, but getting over these obstacles was a good way to get deeper knowledge of the framework.

The Cloud Computing is still in a shape, where one can find many concepts, different interpretations, and getting information from these sources is not easy.

Once I have known the technology, the trends, and the available vendor solutions, the Google App Engine documentation was very useful and easy to use. There is a devoted community, where I could receive help through the forums.

I have implemented an application, capable of invoice and customer transaction handling. Google Datastore layer was used, and a graphical user interface was also included, accessable from a web browser.

Throughout the development the debugging was not easy; I have used most of the time traces, and helper methods to find bugs.

I have tested the Google infrastructure with AppPerfect Load Test program.

After the testing I have come to a conclusion, that the free quota offered by Google has a CPU bottleneck, it is easy to surpass the limit when calculation-heavy codes are run on the server.

Final word is that small and medium enterprises could really benefit using Cloud Computing; they can get an infrastructure, a capacity so scaling and high-performing, which makes putting business on the Cloud efficient and a realistic decision. The enterprises do not need to spend fortunes to get the required infrastructure, as it is available on the Cloud for a lot less money. The free quota is enough only for limited use in an enterprise’s daily life, even in the case of a really small enterprise, but purchasing more capacity is a much cheaper solution than investing in an infrastructure that can deal with such high demands and matching in quality.


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