Implementation of cloud based NFV platform

OData support
Dr. Fazekas Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The main subject of my thesis is to design and implement az OpenStack based cloud platform for Virtual Network Functions and to develop installation and configuration automation scripts for the platform.

First thing during my task I shortly reviewed the ETSI NFV concept. After this I reviewed in details the open source based OpenStack cloud computing system as a possible virtual infrastructure manager (VIM) component of NFV.

I investigated the main principles of highly available application design related to OpenStack modules, then I used these principles in designing the platform architecture.

After designing the architecture, with the use of Chef configuration management tool, I developed automation scripts to make the configuration and installation tasks easier.

At last I implemented a multi component, highly available demo application with the use of cloud’s integrated automation tool, Heat orchestra and the Chef configuration management tool and I review the current problems and future tasks.


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