Integrating cloud services into ScummVM

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

ScummVM is an open-source software with which the users – providing the original copies of the games – can enjoy their classic point n’ click and role playing games on a wide range of different platforms.

Being a game software, one of its main features is to save and load game states. Because the software is available on a lot of different platforms, it’s a viable need of the users that they’d like to play their games simultaneously on multiple platforms. For example, the player could start playing on his computer, then after going through the first few scenes he saves his game and departs to go to work. On his way to work, he’d like to continue his game on his mobile phone where it was left off. Of course, there was an option to do so up until now as well, but it required the players to move their game data manually between devices. It’s easy to see that in today’s world, which is highly governed by the internet, it’s not user-friendly at all.

A very similar idea to the one above arose: keep up to date not just the saved games between devices, but the games’ data itself as well.

We searched and found solutions for the problems above during the writing of my thesis. Hopefully we found a good solution for everyone.


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