Modernizing business operations using Common Criteria

OData support
Dr. Félegyházi Márk
Department of Networked Systems and Services

There are a lot of occasions when we have to choose the worse option regarding to the code quality,

because of the short deadlines, while we have a software developed for decades.

These decisions may make the further development of this software more difficunt, which may cause

additional costs. In this thesis I present the software to be modernized and its development

environment, and the daily difficulties of its developers, and I provide some insight in the toolkit

of the Common Criteria.

It is also presented in this thesis how we attempted to systematically eliminate our accumulated

technological debt by implementing the requirements of Common Criteria, and how the hereby obtained

stronger quality assurance helps to develop the security of the product and simplifies the

development through automatism.

Since it would take a lot of time to introduce the whole Common Criteria, and presenting this would

take an extensive amount of time, therefore in this thesis I apply these principles on the

development and maintenance of the product, from the product support, through the internal workflow,

to the release of the product.


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