Design of Power Switching and Signal Interface Module for Compact CoSMoS

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Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The CoSMoS (Continental System Model Simulator) system is a new product of Continental Automotive Hungary Kft. It is a real-time HiL (hardware in the loop) simulator for general, brake, airbag and suspension control units. It simulates every signal and parameter for the electrical control unit that is needed for the operation that is identical to the operation in the real vehicle. The CoSMoS system replaces an older hardware in the loop simulator, so the existing functional modules need to be redesigned.

My task was to design two of the CoSMoS system’s modules: the power switching module that simulates the power lines of the battery and the ignition, and the electronic control unit interface module.

In my thesis I summarize the activities of the company and the CoSMoS system design team, explaining why the new simulator is needed.

In the next chapter I justify the decisions I made during the design of the hardware.

At last, I describe the operation of the software that helped during the design.


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