Developing a CAN / J1708 tester device

OData support
Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

On today’s vehicles’ bus line there are many information that might be needed for some consumer electronic devices such as black boxes, fleet management systems and digital tachographs.

The vehicle manufacturer usually consider the galvanically connected electronic devices as a threat, because it’s endangers the vehicle reliability. Because of this reason there is a huge need to access information on the vehicle bus line in a contactless, non-galvanic way.

The subject of the thesis is a tester device, which can test certain types of contactless signal readers after the production.

The first part of the thesis describes those communication protocols, which are going to be tested functionally and electronically with the tester device. After this the presentation of these contactless signal readers will happen.

The next part specifies the tester device, then based on the specification the detailed hardware design of the tester will be presented. After this, the description of the implemented software will happen.

The last part of the thesis describes the revival of the circuit and its functionality check.


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