Development of a crowdsourcing based public transportation information application

OData support
Lajtha András Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, with the growing gas prices, environmental pollution, lengthy searches for parking space and waiting in traffic jams a significant part of people draws the conclusion that public traffic or bicycles are a better solution for traveling.

This excellent tendency is hampered by the lack of information about the different lines and possibilities, not only for small or medium sized towns and cities, but also for interurban travel.

Ideally, the traveler would have every information about the nearby travel possibilities accessible, and every information about the reachable destinations and travel times.

TrafficInfo wishes to solve the problem of this lack of information. Primarily the application provides public traffic data for Budapest based on the static timetable, secondly provides possibility based on the activities and traveling habits of the user, subsequently his/her active participation by answering questions to gather schedule informations, create new timetables on the Android platform.


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