KNX control of a family house

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my degree thesis, I deal with planning a KNX building management system for a family house. The goal is increasing the energy efficiency and the comfort level of the house, this is what a KNX system is suitable for. First, I describe the development and the structure of the KNV building informatical bus system, and I present its general operation. I describes the different addressing modes, and show the typical examples of usage.I assess the user needs, and I use it with the building floor plan to design the lightning, heating and shutter functions . I choose the bus devices to be used, set up the topology, do the physical address allocation and create the requisite group addresses. I summarize the used devices. I describes the possibilities of control options for the different areas. I create the circuit diagrams and the installation plans of the system, then I insert the completed system to the electric network of the building. I tabulate the devices, with the physical and group address of them , and I illustrate the topology. At the end of the thesis I enumerate some development opportunities, and in the appendix I show the completed plans.


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