Energy Efficiency Analysis for a Family House Equipped with PV Panels

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The growing population of the world and developing industrial technologies need more and more energy year by year. In the last 3 decades the power demand of the world has increased by 70%. More than 75% of the global primer power demand is satisfied from fossil energy sources. If the growth of the demand continues, it will be impossible to keep that high rate of the fossil energy sources. In case of these processes more and more greenhouse gases and other polluting chemicals get into the air. Environment protection plays a very important role in people’s lives nowadays. Its most important issue is to produce energy from non-polluting sources.

Using solar energy is one of the best ways to reduce pollution. Nowadays there are more and more researches to increase the efficiency of solar cells. The prices of the parts have become cheaper as well, so we can see more PV-systems on the roofs.

In my thesis I would like to investigate the grid efficiency of a house using solar energy. First I present the different types of solar cells and systems. I study the parameters of the weather affecting the production of the PV-systems. I measure the property and choose the parts of the system in the view of a financial limit. I give a calculation of financial returning by estimating the energy production of the house.

At the end of my thesis I deal with licensing of a grid-tied system installation, and I mention some opportunities that can increase the production of the system.


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