HVAC control in a family house with KNX

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Novák Balázs
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The diploma design titled “Designing Building Engineering Control Of A Family House By KNX devices” presents the designing process of building automation for an existing family house.

The phenomenon called “energy hunger” is confirmed by statistical data in the introduction, then energy regulations of different countries of the world are presented including technicalities. There is a detailed presentation on the subject of building energy regulation in Hungary. Calculation of lighting energy consumption is displayed, including several types of lighting sources. Requirements, categories of modern bus systems are subject of the analysis. Some world-wide bus systems are analysed, LON and KNX (used in design) are emphasized. Topology, transmission technology, addressing system, bus devices are analysed particularly.

The second part of the diploma design reviews the completed plans. Review contains analysis of building engineering in general and shows it in practice. Description follows the logic of electrical designing, different controlling principles and designs are also presented. Plans cover design of individual room heating control, domestic hot water (DHW) and air handling. As final part of the description system logic, addressing structure and exact logical functions are introduced. Starting of a system is demonstrated via describing the basic programming principles. Analysis of the finished plans closes the diploma design.


• building engineering design of the house

• architectural plan with KNX devices

• circuit diagrams of knx regulators

• full device list

• previously prepared project laboratory report


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